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Family Farm for Over 120 Years!

My name is Lois and I am the Great Granddaughter of Albert and Augusta Peterson, the original homesteaders.  My little sister Laura lives next door on a piece of the original property as well.

For years, my dream has been to find a way to make a living, sharing the farm, and my goofy animals. But we all know how life works, and somehow I always ended up somewhere else, doing something else.

June 17, 2013, I experienced what insurance people (and the therapist) referred to as “a life-altering catastrophic event.” A fire destroyed life as I knew it.


It took a some time to get myself pulled together and create a plan.  And plan and plan and plan we did!  We officially opened to the public August 28, 2014.  So here we are …. one amazing little farm community, “post disaster”, taking on “The Next  Great Adventure”.

Now, if you want to keep up with our daily shenanigans, our Facebook page is the place to go.  If you want the “meat and potatoes” of the place stay here.  If there is something you can’t find in either location, give me a call or text ~ 218-780-8611


ONTO 2024!

We completed our 9th full season of being open to the public at the end of October 2023.  NINE YEARS!!!  We have survived a global pandemic, epic drought, flooding, a polar vortex and now the weirdest winter of my life.   To say this has been a crazy ride is an understatement. 


We have had so many changes, so many new things to offer, places to go, and critters galore, that the whole thing makes my head spin!

So here we are... on to 2024!! Opening day will be Friday May 3.  It looks to be another whirlwind season so hang on!

At this point (January 1) I am not sure if you will need snowshoes, arm floaties, or a fire extinguisher but we will be here, ready to greet you, no matter what mother nature hits us with.

Be well and see you in a few short weeks!



Mission Statement

Our mission is to help society reconnect with each other, animals and the land itself.

Vision Statement

Our greater vision is for every person to have something of nature to connect with – be it animal, plant or even the stars.  I want to save our country and our world.  I want every person to do better.  Consume less, discard less, purchase more wisely, grow something.

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